Cauliflower Pizza

A lot of you might be grossed out by the thought of chunks of cauliflower as a pizza topping; but that’s not what cauliflower pizza is. In fact, the truth of it might be even weirder. The dough base of cauliflower pizza is made using powdered cauliflower. It’s surprisingly delicious, and provides the perfect texture for a pizza base. It’s also completely gluten free and low-carb. While it is a keto option, it servers it’s purpose for vegans as well; making it a must-try this summer.

Keto Burger

This one should definitely get all the meat lovers drooling. Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘burgers have too much bread, and not enough meat?’ Well not anymore. The keto burger is basically just a heaping helping of gooey, melting cheese between two juicy burger patties. Eating healthy has never tasted so good.

You can wrap it in lettuce, but if you really want a bun, there’s keto options for that too. As for sides, the keto burger goes great with keto slaw, or a nice salad.

Butter Chicken

This has always been a staple in south-Asian households, and now it comes with the perfect keto twist. Not only is butter chicken easy to make, but going keto does absolutely nothing to compromise on its unique flavor. Load it up with your favorite spices and eat it with a bowl of cauliflower rice and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded, robust, keto-friendly meal.

Keto Spaghetti

This is my personal favorite item on this list, and if you love spaghetti as much as I do, it’ll be yours too. Pasta can be one of the most difficult things to cut out of your diet once you decide to go keto; after all it’s so easy to prepare, and found in most any restaurant. Luckily, it has an almost too perfect, keto friendly substitute; pumpkin. It may sound odd, but with the right kitchen tools, pumpkin can be transformed into delicious, noodle-y goodness. The mild flavor of pumpkin lends itself to pair perfectly with many different ingredients, from veggies to meats, and a wide array of herbs and spices.

Pumpkin Soup

While we’re on the topic of pumpkin, a keto diet isn’t just for the summer, keep the keto going all year round with a perfect soup for the winter. Pumpkin soup is easy to make, it can be served hot or cold, and it’ll make the perfect keto-friendly addition to your dinner table this thanks giving.

Cookie Dough

Did you think we were going to end this list without a dessert option? If you’ve got a sweet-tooth, the thought of embracing a full keto diet can be daunting. That’s where keto cookie dough comes in. natural fat is the heart and soul of keto, and it blends perfectly with cookie dough. Load up your batter with heaping servings of better and cream cheese, for a decadent serving of cookie dough. The most important part of cookie dough is of course, the chocolate chips. There are several brands of keto friendly chocolate, but if you can’t find one that’s sweet enough, you can always load up your dough with plenty of sweetener.

Go Keto Today

It’s never too late to start living healthier, wether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle or simply gain more energy throughout your regular daily routine, keto can definitely help. While these meals are already great for your keto diet, you can always give them an extra kick, thanks to keto oil. Health and Wellness brand 4Dice produce a keto oil that can provide instant results. Try it out for yourself now.

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